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Off The Wall

by Jillian Green DiGiacomo
illustrated by Tierra Jackson

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THE I Love You More BOOK

by Debby Herbenick, PhD
illustrated by Rosalie Orlando Hatch

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by Allison Strine

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Marching Bands
Are Just Homeless

by Tim Siedell
illustrated by Brian Andreas

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Something Like Magic, the latest book from Brian Andreas, is available in hardcover over at, or as a Kindle book through Amazon. If you'd like a quick preview without delay, take a look at the PDF sample right here.

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Are you ready to get some Permission? "To do what?" you might ask... Good question! Whether you want to open up a new door, start over, ask for help, be successful or... you name it, there's all kinds of Permission to be had in this colorful & inspiring new book by Patricia J. Mosca. Check out a PDF sample right here. (No permission necessary:))

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